Data Sharing Opt Out

You may have heard about the General Practice Data for Planning and Research scheme that NHS digital was due to roll out on 1 September. On Monday 19 July, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Jo Churchill, announced that this roll out is being pushed back. In her letter, she stated that there would not be a set start date for the collection of data until certain criteria are met. If you would like to read her letter in its entirety, please click here.

The video to the right, created by NHS Digital, explains how your data might be used to improve NHS services. 

More Information

For more information from NHS Digital regarding the new General Practice Data for Planning and Research system, please click here.

You may still wish to register your opt-out to this scheme. If so, please submit the opt-out form. If at any time after the launch of the new scheme you decide to register an opt-out, the data previously collected will be deleted. Please note that the data extraction will no longer begin on 1 September. We will keep you informed when the new date for the start of the new scheme is set. Thank you for your continued understanding as the details of this scheme change. To register a type-1 opt out from the new data extraction system, please click here